Reiki and Hypnotherapy/Meditation are complementary therapies used alongside mainstream medicine to help reduce physical, emotional and mental distress associated with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Registered Reiki Master and Hypnotherapist/Meditation Practitioner
Reiki (pronounced Ray–Kee) is an ancient form of energy balancing. Illness and stress cause a disruption in the natural flow of energy in the body and mind. The Reiki practitioner uses gentle, non-invasive techniques to unblock the energy and improve flow. Reiki assists with the adverse symptoms of cancer treatment, pain, nausea, fatigue, anxiety and depression.

Using various techniques of breathing and visualisation, the object is to still the mind and tune into the quiet voice within. Meditation is a process that helps you to open up to your inner guidance and intuition. It is a marvelous way to reduce stress and release negative thoughts or feelings. Meditation keeps you in the present moment and pulls you away from the constant chatter in your head. It is a wonderful tool for managing personal crises.

Margaret Ann Stolle has been practicing Reiki since 2000, shortly after her husband died of lung cancer. She is a Hospice volunteer. In 2011 she went to the UK where she received her NVQ training as a professional carer and also received a certificate in palliative care. She spent 3 years caring full time for the aged and infirm before returning to South Africa to go back into private practice. Over the years, she has had the privilege of working with many clients suffering from cancer. She has found Reiki and meditation to be of immense value in helping the clients deal with their fears, soothing their pain and relaxing the tension from their thoughts and emotions. Neither of these therapies interfere with mainstream medical treatments. Rather, they work alongside them to reduce negative side-effects. For more information.

Within a space of 2 weeks, I received the news that I had breast cancer and would need a mastectomy, with the possibility of having chemo and radiation treatments thereafter.

I’m so thankful that I came to Margaret when I did as, before and after the op, she played a major role, assisting with my healing process and helping me understand (and deal) with my cancer.

The time spent with Margaret was priceless. She is a very caring and gifted healer whom I feel very lucky to know. Following the op, I’m healing very well, with the good news that I’m cancer free :) and will probably only need hormone therapy as a preventative treatment.
*- NN, 39 years*

New research shows Reiki aids the wellbeing of cancer sufferers

February 6, 2015
As a new study shows that at least half of the population will get cancer at some point in their lives, a University of Huddersfield research project claims that the complementary therapy named Reiki can improve the quality of life for cancer patients by lowering their levels of anxiety, depression and fatigue. The findings are to be presented at a major conference and larger-scale research could follow.

Fees vary according to the care plan. However, Helderberg Hospice in-patient treatment is free.